Requesting Club Officer Email Accounts

If your A&M Club or Aggie Mothers’ Club participates in our Hosting program, and you are an authorized web contact: You may request additional emails (Google Accounts) for your club’s officers. Here is the process:

  1. Save EmailRequest.csv to your computer. We recommend saving this file with your club’s name when you do.
  2. Open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet editor application.
  3. Starting with the second row of the sheet, replace the placeholder text with the information requested.
    • Your club’s name goes under first name.
    • The officer position goes under last name.
    • The desired email address, goes under Email – and be sure to include at the end.
    • Provide a random password for the account that won’t be easily guessed.
    • The other available fields in the CSV should be disregarded.
    • Please ensure each email you request is correctly spelled.
  4. Save and email the CSV file to for us to process.
  5. We will validate your request, and then create your email accounts. This could take a few days.

Note: We may need to adjust the requested emails addresses, as necessary.