Requesting Officer Email Accounts

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If your affiliated organization (A&M Club, Aggie Mothers’ Club, or Constituent Network) participates in our Hosting program, and you are an authorized web contact: You may request up to four additional emails (Google Accounts) for your club’s officers. Here is the process:

      1. Save EmailRequest.csv to your computer. Rename the file, so it includes your affiliated organization’s name (e.g., SampleClubEmailRequest.csv).
      2. Open the .csv file you saved with Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet editor application.
      3. For the second row and every subsequent row, provide values for each column as follows:
        • Under First Name, provide your affiliated organization’s name (do not abbreviate), for example, Sample County A&M Club or Sample County Aggie Moms.
        • Under Last Name, provide the officer’s position.
        • Under Email Address, provide the complete email address you are requesting, including
          • Be sure the email is correctly spelled.
        • Under Password, provide a password consisting of at least 8 characters that are difficult to guess.
        • Keep the Recovery Email, and Recovery Phone columns empty.
      4. Your file should be similar to the example below after you finish editing:
      5. When saving your changes: Please make sure the file stays in .csv format.  Do not use .xls, .xlsx, or another format.
      6. Email the .csv file to for us to process.
      7. We will validate your request and then create the email accounts for you. This process could take a few days.

Note: We may need to adjust the requested email addresses as necessary.